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Lunch will be provided (Jimmy John’s Catered Lunch).

Who: This workshop will be instructed by James Lee and other members of the Northern Queen Initiative and SBGMI.

When: Saturday August 10th, 9am – 2pm (estimated)

Where: Belleville, MI. (Address in registration receipt)

What: The Harbo Assay is one of the primary methods used to sample honey bee colonies for the presence and degree of Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) or as we like to call it, measurement of Suppressed Mite Reproduction (SMR).

Why: Beekeepers can use this skill to evaluate the colonies they would like to raise queens from, determine if the queen or bees they’ve purchased are as the (VSH) seller advertised, or to further evaluate ACTUAL brood infestations by varroa mites.

Lodging: If you are traveling for this workshop and would like lodging in the area, there are Air BNB in the vicinity. For hotel accommodations you may select “Van Buren Charter Twp., MI.” for your search and anything near Belleville Rd. and I-94 will place within a few minutes drive of the workshop site.

What you need to bring:

1. YOUR OWN BROOD FRAME from your own colony. You can do this by selecting a frame (medium or deep) from a colony that has had a laying queen for more than 7 weeks and preferable has not been treated for mites. If you have treated for mites but still wish to perform an assay that is fine, but the validity of your test will be inconclusive as a result of the treatment. Nonetheless you will have learned the skill for future use. You can remove the frame the day before and keep in a portable box or nuc box in moderate weather conditions without affecting the brood. Please use a box you can close to keep young emerging bees contained during transport.

2. The brood frame needs to have emerging brood on the frame along with maturing pupa. You can check the presence of the right age pupa by pulling back cappings. If you have bees trying to eat through the cappings already this is ideal as that means other pupa on the frame will be the right age to test. For further clarification of the age of the brood, please see the pictures in the gallery of this product description.

3. You will need to bring a signed copy of the releases attached to the receipt email.

4. If you have your own headlamp for lighting, reader glasses, or other magnification (2.5x is recommended) devices, otherwise we will have some available.


**We reserve the right to cancel this class due to lack of registration. Refunds will be provided in full to enrolled students.  If you have registered and are unable to attend the day of the class, refunds will be available less credit/transaction fees. Please note, cancellation 14 days or more in advance 100% refund, 7 days 50% refund, no refunds the day of.


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