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The Northern Queen Initiative (NQI) is organized to train beekeepers in queen rearing techniques and improve the value and production of genetically superior cold weather survivor stock, parasitic mite, and virus resistant queens. 


The NQI will provide training and support for selected beekeepers to breed of quality and genetically superior queen bees and provides new beekeepers with opportunities to participate in queen breeding through a queen rearing program.

Training is focused on practical and proven techniques combined with access to genetically superior survivor breeding stock that thrives in Michigan’s cold weather climate, exhibits good honey production, possess a calm temperament and are Varroa mite resistant.

Certified Queen Breeders

Breeders are voting members of the initiative that have hands-on grafting experience and commit to annually produce a minimum number of queens for NQI purposes.  New breeder queens are made available annually to breeders that report required records and distribution royalties.

Queen Rearers

Rearers purchase stock from Certified Queen Breeders and assist in the raising, mating and distribution of queens.  Rearers are encouraged to attend training opportunities and to become queen breeders.

Are you in a Northern State and Interested in Joining the NQI as a breeder or grafter?

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