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SBGMI Virtual Winter Conference 2024

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The 3rd Annual SBGMI Virtual Winter Conference is brought to you by Northern Bee Books and the Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine, Miller Bee Supply, Premier Bee Products, Hill Co. Beekeeping Products, American Bee Journal, Bee Culture Magazine, and BetterBee

Please join us February 24, 2024 beginning at 8:00am(est) (may change) for a live and interactive conference featuring 9 dynamic and exciting speakers. Registered attendees will receive one year of group membership to the Sustainable Beekeepers Guild of Michigan which includes a complimentary six-month digital subscription to the Natural Bee Husbandry magazine, access to conference recordings, access to our local lending library, American Bee Journal/Bee Culture subscription Discounts, and much more!

Featured Speakers

Opening Keynote Presentation: TBD

Troy Hall

Additional Speakers

Randy McCaffrey

Dr. David Peck

Melanie Kirby

Ang Roell

Cory Stevens

Dr. Kaira Wagoner

Ryan Williamson

Dr. Stephen Martin

Closing Keynote Presentation: “TBD”

Virtual Conference Purpose

SBGMI was founded out of a desire to see an alternative to the permeation of prophylactic and systemic chemical treatment education and practice for mites (Varroa destructor) in modern beekeeping. The simple objective is to equip beekeepers with knowledge to reduce the dependence on these toxic interventions and facilitate sustainable beekeeping that trends toward better bred bees. We strive to ensure our members receive the support, resources, and opportunities needed to prosper along with their bees. This conference serves to bring together those who know, those who want to grow, and those curious about the path toward treatment-free beekeeping and sustainability in their own apiary!

You will learn from beekeepers who are successfully keeping bees in a manner that is within the spirit of the SBGMI Mission. You will also learn about core principles from our speakers on best practices, grow your apiary sustainably while focusing on a better bred bees. This conference will provide you with a new perspective, tools, and inspiration to implement the same into your current practice. Whether you are just starting out or looking to make some changes, these speakers will equip you with new and refreshed tools to better your practice and apiary! Our speakers are of good repute and plan to share their habits and philosophies that have enabled them to replicate success in their own apiaries while striving and achieving sustainability.

Early Bird Price: $35 (includes annual individual SBGMI membership for new members, access to conference digital recording, 6-month NBH subscription, discounts on ABJ, Bee Culture, Premier Bee Products, ABC Master Academy, Cutler Bee Supply, Napoleon Bee Supply plus more)

Price increases to $55.00 effective December 1st, 2023
SBGMI Members Receive $20.00 Discount Following the Early Bird Registration Period with Coupon Code Posted in the Membership Section


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