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Queen University Prerequisite

Welcome to queen university

This module will provide you with an introduction to queen rearing. You will learn basic concepts along with the who, what, when, where, and why of it all.


Introduction to Queen rearing Preview Raising queens achieves several outcomes Preview

Honey bee biology

This module will teach you the basics of honey bee biology, a crucial base for starting the queen production process.


The three honey bee "castes" Preview The life cycle of the honey bee Preview The life cycle of a honey bee drone Preview The life cycle of a honey bee queen Preview

Is grafting the only method?

The queen university is focused on teaching the practice of “grafting.” There are however many ways to produce queens that do not require grafting. This module will expose you to the many other options available and recommended for you to complete.


Making Queens with Splits On the spot queen rearing (OTS) Nicot and Jenter systems Miller method Grafting and Graft Free article from Penn State Extension Essential Tools for Grafting and Queen Rearing

Cell starters and finishers

This module will discuss cell starting and finishing. Essentially a starter begins the queen cell process and a finisher completes it. Sometimes these are the same box/bees and sometimes they are not! Everyone will have a method they prefer and some are better than others. Many of these methods can be modified or pieced together to suit your purposes and are just some of the many examples available!


Beekeeping Cell Builder Basics The Swarm Box Starter The Queenless Cell Builder Queen-Right Methods Cell Finishing Colonies for Queen Rearing

The final exam with Bob Binnie of Blue Ridge Honey Co.

Now that you have made it this far we will spend some time with Bob Binnie, explaining many of the things you have learned thus far. The main point of this module is to observe and listen as Bob discusses the application aspects of the concepts in this course. By completing this lesson you will be able to eliminate classroom lecture time in trade for hands-on learning and in the field experience when you complete your Queen University Field Day!


How we produce queens with Bob Binnie

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