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James presented “Treatment-Free and Sustainability, Can they Co-Exist?” for the Michigan Beekeepers Association Conference in Lansing, MI. During this talk he presented a bird’s eye view of major concepts of sustainable beekeeping and practice as well as the spectrum of definitions involved in treatment free beekeeping. He also described an optimistic outlook on resistance breeding and the impact it can have on the future of beekeeping and acaricide dependence.

This presentation will elaborate further on what sustainable beekeeping is for the individual beekeeper, their neighbors, and beekeeping at large.

James Lee is the President of the Sustainable Beekeepers Guild of Michigan. As a forensic social worker he’s intrigued by the why behind the how. He’s the owner of James Lees Bees in Romulus, MI where he manages 30-40 colonies pursuing sustainability in apiculture and small-scale food systems.



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