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SBGMI was founded out of a desire to see an alternative to the permeation of prophylactic and systemic chemical treatment education and practice for mites (Varroa Destructor) in modern beekeeping.
The objective is simple, equip beekeepers with knowledge to reduce the dependence on these toxic interventions and facilitate sustainable beekeeping that trends toward better bred bees. We strive to ensure our members receive the support, resources, and opportunities needed to prosper along with their bees.
Speakers include:
Adrian Quiney (Quiney Honey and Bee)
Terry Combs (Author and Instructor)
Michael Bush (bushfarms.com)
Cory Stevens (stevenesbeeco.com)
Nathalie B. (bee-mindful.com)
Les Crowder (lescrowder.com)
William Le Ferrand (French Beekeeper and Engineer)
Vendor Spotlights for Buggsnest LLC. and Flanary Ridge Honey, LLC.
Detailed topic and speaker bios can be found at:



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