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They Keep Bees is a LGBTQIA+ business in Great Falls, Massachusetts. Keeping bees in Western Mass., South Vermont, and the central coast of Florida.

Currently, they manage 300 Comfort hives.  Comfort hives are simply designed, handmade hives built to mimic the cavity of a tree, and be responsive to the needs of the bees.  In a beehive, the influences of the ecosystem shape the actions of the hive as a collective.   As stewards of honeybees, they listen to the ecology around them and observe the response within thier hives to make decisions about the best actions they can take as beekeepers.

From their hives, we harvest honey, honeycomb, beeswax, and propolis.  They also produce queen bees and starter hives. Their passion is raising resilient and adaptive queen bees for the two bioregions in which they work, and teaching aspiring beekeepers how to build sustainable apiaries.

Socials: Facebook, Insta, YouTube

Homepage: They Keep Bees

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