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Grand Rapids Bee Club Nucleus Supplier and Exchange

The Grand Rapids Area Beekeeping Club (GRABC) believes in doing our part to move toward a sustainable beekeeping industry in the state of Michigan. While there are currently not enough overwintered colonies to meet the needs of Michigan Beekeepers each spring, we CAN work toward increased sales of overwintered-in-Michigan nucleus colonies by making it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other. This list will feature local beekeepers active in the GRABC from right here in West Michigan that are selling honey bee nucleus colonies and that have attested to the fact that their colonies stay in Michigan year-round.
If you plan to sell nucs this Spring 2024, please enter your information below. We will provide the information you submit on this form including contact information and pricing information to those who inquire through our social media platforms, website, and email correspondence from inquiring beekeepers.

Purpose Statement: Every year, a huge percentage of all U.S. honey bee colonies are moved around the country for pollination and/or in the importation of nuc/packages from southern states to northern states. A growing body of research suggests that this type of colony movement increases stress on the colony and often results in increased amounts of – and vulnerability to – certain types of major pathogens and viruses. Additionally, possible honey bee genetic adaptations for better survival in cold northern winters are challenged by the continual import of southern genetics into northern states. Finally, honey bee colonies that spend the winter in cold northern climates experience a prolonged broodless period – which completely stops the reproductive cycle of the dreaded Varroa mite, and can assist the beekeeper in keeping mite and virus levels low. By contrast, bees continually moved around the country often have little or no broodless period, so the varroa mites are able to reproduce year-round.

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